Intel Accelerator Functional Unit (AFU) Simulation Environment (ASE) Quick Start User Guide

ID 683200
日付 12/04/2018
Public Troubleshooting Client-Server Simulation

If the afu_sim_setup command fails, confirm that:
  • afu_sim_setup is on your PATH. It should be in /usr/bin, or in <opae install path> if you built OPAE from source files.
  • You have Python version 2.7 or higher installed.

If you are unable to build and execute the simulator, it is likely that your RTL simulation tool is not installed properly.

When you attempt to build and run the software, if you see an "Error enumerating AFCs" message, you omitted setting USE_ASE=1 on the make command line. The software is searching for a physical FPGA device. To recover, repeat the steps from the make clean command.