Intel Accelerator Functional Unit (AFU) Simulation Environment (ASE) Quick Start User Guide

ID 683200
日付 12/04/2018

1.4. Simulating hello_afu in Client-Server Mode

The hello_afu example is a simple AFU template that demonstrates the primary CCI-P interface. The RTL satisfies the minimum requirements of an AFU, responding to memory-mapped I/O reads to return the device feature header and the AFU's UUID.

図 1. hello_afu Directory Tree
注: This document uses <AFU example> to refer to an example design directory, such as hello_afu in the figure above.

The software demonstrates the minimum requirements to attach to an FPGA using OPAE. The RTL demonstrates the minimum requirements to satisfy the OPAE driver and the hello_afu example software.

RTL simulation and synthesis are controlled by filelist.txt.

To successfully configure and build the AFU samples, your environment must be set up correctly, as described in Setting Up the Environment.