Intel Accelerator Functional Unit (AFU) Simulation Environment (ASE) Quick Start User Guide

ID 683200
日付 12/04/2018

1.5. Simulating an AFU in Regression Mode

For most AFUs, the afu_sim_setup flow and the regression flow are functionally equivalent. You might choose to use the regression flow for one of the following reasons:
  • The regression flow triggers both the simulator process and the software process using a single command.
  • The regression flow compiles プラットフォーム・デザイナー components from プラットフォーム・デザイナー source files and includes the generated RTL in the RTL simulation.

Use the script, located in $OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT/hw/common/scripts, to execute the simulator and the application exactly once.

  1. $ cd $OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT/hw/common/scripts
  2. Usage: -a <afu dir> -r <rtl simulation dir>
            [-s <vcs|modelsim|questa>] [-p <platform>] [-v <variant>]
            [-i <opae install path>]
            [-m <EMIF_MODEL_BASIC|EMIF_MODEL_ADVANCED> memory model]
            [-b <path to opae source>]