Intel Accelerator Functional Unit (AFU) Simulation Environment (ASE) Quick Start User Guide

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日付 12/04/2018

1.5.1. Command Line Flags for

表 2.  Flag Descriptions
Flag Description Legal Values Default Required
-a Path to AFU source1 <valid pathname> - Yes
-r Creates a directory to build the simulation. <valid pathname> - Yes
-s Simulator type vcs, modelsim, or questa VCS if installed; otherwise, Modelsim or QuestaSim No
-p Target platform name Directory containing an OPAE installation Board specified by OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT No

AFU configuration variant

Depends on AFU selected (-a flag). Depends on AFU selected (-a flag). No
-i Path to OPAE installation <valid pathname> - No
-b Path to OPAE source <valid pathname> - No (except for NLB)

Target Platform Name -p

The target platform name is used by the Platform Interface Manager (PIM).

-p defaults to discrete if OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT is undefined or does not specify a valid OPAE release. discrete models a generic PCIe card with two banks of local memory
注: Intel recommends setting OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT as described in Setting Up the Environment.

AFU Configuration Variant -v looks in the hw/rtl/filelist*.txt file to determine the configuration variant. When you specify the variant as -v <variant> , looks in hw/rtl/filelist_<variant>.txt for the AFU RTL source files.

The default value of -v depends on AFU selected (-a flag):
  • Native loopback (NLB) AFU: RTL files listed in hw/rtl/filelist_mode_3.txt
  • Other AFUs: RTL files listed in hw/rtl/filelist.txt

Path to OPAE Installation -i

You must specify the install path if you do not use the RPM flow. If you are using the RPM flow, the install path is not required. 2

Local Memory Model -m

-m selects the simulation model for FPGA private memory.

  • EMIF_MODEL_BASIC uses a simple System Verilog array to model dual banks of DRAM.
    注: Intel recommends using EMIF_MODEL_BASIC for a faster simulation.
  • EMIF_MODEL_ADVANCED uses an advanced cycle-accurate model of the EMIF memory controller.

Path to OPAE Source -b

注: This flag is required when simulating the NLB AFU in the regression flow. -b is used to locate the application source relative to the OPAE source for NLB.
1 Example: $OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT/hw/samples/hello_afu
2 If you built OPAE from the source as instructed in Building the OPAE Software section of IntelAcceleration Stack 1.2 Quick Start Guide for Intel Programmable Acceleration Card with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA, provide the installation path. For example:/home/john/opaeinstall