Verilog HDL High-Speed Differential I/O Capability



The Quartus® II software high-speed differential I/O design example consists of three megafunctions:

  • LVDS receiver (altlvds_rx)
  • Multiplier (lpm_mult)
  • LVDS transmitter (altlvds_tx).

The LVDS receiver, multiplier, and LVDS transmitter modules are created using the Quartus® II software MegaWizard® Plug-In. They are connected as shown in Figure 1, which illustrates the performance of:

  • Converting 840 megabits per second (Mbps) serial data into 8-bit parallel data using altlvds_rx
  • Multiplication of the two 8-bit parallel data using lpm_mult
  • Converting the parallel data coming out of the multiplier into serial data using altlvds_tx

Figure 1. Diff_io_top Top-Level Block Diagram

The multiplier will be implemented in a dedicated digital signal processing (DSP) block within the Intel® Stratix® device. The motive behind this example is to show the data conversion. A testbench is created in Verilog and simulated using the ModelSim*-Intel® FPGA tool.

Download the files used in this example:

The use of this design is governed by, and subject to, the terms and conditions of the Intel® Design Example License Agreement.

Simulating the Design

  1. Invoke the ModelSim* 5.6c tool.
  2. Change directory to the location where the simulation files are located.
  3. Source the script by using the command: VSIM > do

Result of multiplication appears after 180 ns.

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