PhoenixNAP Launches Data Security Cloud

Learn more about how PhoenixNAP is launching new cloud services for CSPs with Intel and VMware - helping CSPs differentiate and build services on top of an existing infrastructure. Begin transcript: PhoenixNAP today is a global IT services company, based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and the Netherlands. We started as a small hosting company in the late 90s and have grown into a worldwide organization.... The Data Security Cloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service solution ultimately, with a deep focus on information security, and we started working on it because we noticed this major gap in the market. There were infrastructure providers, and there were managed security service companies, so we felt like we could build a solution that was a one-stop shop for data security in a cloud infrastructure-as-a-service consumption model. PhoenixNAP isn't working with Intel just because of its' speeds and feeds. Where Intel is really adding a lot of value to PhoenixNAP is around the business side. Being able to have a 'big brother' that takes you under their wing, and walks you through a lot of parts and says look, these are actual pain points that are happening, let's give you some different views around those pain points, and then you can go solve them from a technology perspective. That's extremely helpful for us, and it shortcuts our maturity and our growth. We're on a journey to build the world's most secure cloud infrastructure, and it was important that we chose the right software and infrastructure solutions from our partners to make that a reality. PhoenixNAP and Intel are both, first and foremost, technology companies. We both are striving to build the next generation of infrastructure and software solutions for our customers. Intel's helping us build the physical components, and we're doing the service delivery for customers of all shapes and sizes. We have embraced the fact that we are a security and compliance company, and all of our infrastructure that we're laying now have that by design. When we're having conversations now with clients, it really is about how their data is being preserved, where it's being kept, what's happening to it, and how we're protecting ourselves and our systems so that they can sleep better at night. But we know that in order to remain competitive, we have to adapt new technologies, we know that. This is truly an innovative or die market - we have to build new goods and services and make them available 24/7, 365, worldwide. Customers are looking for infrastructure-as-a-service solutions that will enhance the security of their data and their ability to achieve compliance.

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