Delivering Reliable Smart Grid Communications With PRP/HSR FPGA Switch

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Length: 18 minutes

A transformation is underway to upgrade the conventional power grid into the smart grid, but lack of standards and interoperability has hampered utility and consumer adoption. Two-way communication will be required to manage the energy flow and efficiency, reliability, self-healing, security, and sustainability of the smart grid infrastructure and the renewable energy sources that feed into the smart grid.

Watch this webcast to learn how FPGAs can improve your smart grid designs:

  • Understand the challenges of smart grid design
  • Get insights on the requirements for substation automation and grid communication equipment
  • Learn how Altera’s no-hassle PRP/HSR switch solution with a Cyclone FPGA can help you more easily expand to Gigabit Ethernet communications

White paper: Overcoming Smart Grid Equipment Design Challenges with FPGAs (PDF)

Jason Chiang
Jason Chiang,

Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Industrial Business Unit, Altera Corporation

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