Altera provides workshops directed towards both professors/universities and customers. Select the appropriate drop-down below to find out more information regarding these workshops.

Altera offers many courses related to our products to customers. Members of the Altera University Program may attend these workshops free-of-charge. To see our current course catalog click here.

The Altera® University Program Training courses provide introductions to the many state-of-the-art educational materials Altera has developed for you to use to enrich your digital logic and computer optimization classes, lectures and assignments, or your research.

This full-day courses are offered from time-to-time in various locations at no charge.

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of FPGA technology
  • A summary of the University Program teaching materials
  • An overview of the Quartus® Prime software
  • Examples of designs implemented on the DE2 board
  • An overview of the Nios® II processor and related tools
    • SOPC Builder
    • Altera Monitor program
    • Nios II Integrated Design Environment (IDE)
  • A hands-on example using the Nios II processor and/or the Arm A9 hard processor
  • Altera's Open CL compiler

Tentative Course Schedule

Date Event and Location Altera® Technology Featured
Dec. 10th International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology
New Zealand
OpenCL for Altera FPGAs
Arm Cortex-A9
Date Event and Location Altera® Technology Featured
Jan. 17th Altera Professor Workshop
Seoul, Korea
OpenCL for Altera FPGAs
Arm Cortex-A9
TBD International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL)
OpenCL for Altera FPGAs
Arm Cortex-A9