Training Options

North America Public Training Classes

North America public classes are scheduled several months in advance. See the Public Training Class Schedule for details.

You will receive confirmation of your enrollment when you register. Your class enrollment is only guaranteed on receipt of payment. Intel® FPGA Technical Training must receive payment one week prior to the start date of a class. See Table 1 for ordering code and cost.

If you need to cancel your registration, you must inform Intel® FPGA TechnicalTraining at least five business days before the class is scheduled to receive either a 100 percent refund or a training credit that you can use to enroll in another class.

Intel® FPGA Technical Training will not refund any part of the registration fee if you cancel within five business days of the scheduled class. In that case, you will receive a training credit that you can use to enroll in another class.

Intel® FPGA Technical Training reserves the right to reschedule or cancel classes one week prior to the scheduled date. Registered participants will be informed of any such changes.

Table 1. Intel® FPGA Public Training Class Ordering Codes and Cost

Ordering Code Location Intel® Provides Cost
ZPLT-SEAT Intel or distribution sites Room, PCs, manuals, instructor

$695 per student per day (8:30 am - 5:00 pm)

Intel FPGA Training Classes at North America Customer Sites

North America in-house training can provide the most cost-effective way to meet training needs. Intel FPGA training courses can be taught at your company for up to 16 engineers for a fixed price. You can group courses together to meet your company's needs.

In-house training classes are scheduled in the order that requests are received. Intel FPGA Technical Training tries to schedule classes within three weeks of receiving a request. To schedule an in-house class, call (408) 544-7889 or email or contact your local sales representative.

Intel FPGA Technical Training must receive payment for on-site training classes at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date. See Table 2 for ordering code and cost.

Intel FPGA Technical Training must receive notification of an in-house class being cancelled or postponed at least two weeks in advance. If a class is cancelled or postponed within two weeks of its scheduled date, your company will be charged a penalty of 100 percent of the cost of the class plus any non-refundable travel costs.

Table 2. Ordering Code and Cost for Intel® FPGA Training on Customer Site

Ordering Code Location Intel Provides Cost
ZPLT-CLASS Your company site Manuals $4,500 per day with up to 16 students

Payment Policy (North America Classes)

Payment for Intel® FPGA North America training classes and on-site training classes can be made by check, purchase order or credit card.

Training Partners

The Intel® FPGA Training Partner Program enables engineers outside of North America to receive high-quality training on Intel® FPGA products. As certified members of the program, partners get information updates regularly from Intel to ensure they have the tools to teach the latest technologies. Classes are usually taught in the local language. For further information and pricing, contact the partner in your area.