Device Family: Intel® Cyclone®
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最終変更: 2013年5月14日

Why do I receive the error 'CONF_DONE pin failed to go high in device X' when I try to JTAG configure my Altera FPGA using the Quartus II software and a download cable?


You may receive this error from the Quartus® II software if the nCE pin of the device is not connected to GND. For example, if you have a multi-device passive serial chain, the nCE of the first device would be connected to GND, while its nCEO pin would feed the nCE pin of the next device in the chain. Since the second device's nCE pin is not connected to GND, JTAG programming would fail and the Quartus II software will report 'CONF_DONE failed to go high in device 2'. For successful JTAG programming of a device chain, all nCE pins must be connected to GND.