Legacy Quartus II Web Edition Licenses (pre v8.1)

Beginning with version 8.1, a license file is no longer required for the Quartus® Prime Lite Edition or Quartus II Web Edition software.


For Versions Older than 8.1

To set up a Quartus II Web Edition software license, perform the following steps:

  1. Make a backup copy of any existing license.dat file for future reference.
  2. Save the new license.dat file (attached to the email you received when you requested the license from Altera's License Center) to your computer's hard drive. Altera recommends that you save and use the license.dat file attached to the email. If you cannot receive email attachments, the email includes instructions on how to create a license.dat file.
  3. Specify the license location. The license location is <path to license file>\license.dat, where <path to license file> is the full directory path to the license file, starting with the drive letter. For example, d:\flexlm\license.dat. To specify the license file, start the Quartus II software. On the Tools menu, click License Setup. Specify the license file location at License File.