FineLine BGA Gerber Files & Layout Guidelines

You can use the example Gerber (.gbr) files and the printed circuit board (PCB) layout files (Accel PCB layout tool) provided on this web site as guidelines for laying out 256-, 484-, and 672-pin FineLine BGA packages on your PCB. These files are meant to be a guide only; you should refer to the layout specifications provided by your PCB vendor when actually laying out your PCB.

These Gerber and PCB files route all the I/O pins (except for No Connect pins) on the FineLine BGA package. Separate VCCINT, VCCIO, and GND planes are used to route VCCINT, VCCIO, and GND pins, respectively. Your board layout may be simpler because your design may not use all the I/O pins. Refer to the appropriate readme.txt file (contained in each zip file) for details on the Gerber file extensions.


Download GBR and PCB Layout Files
Pin CountDownloadFile Size
256-pin FineLine BGA256-pin.zip44.6 KB
484-pin FineLine BGA484-pin.zip74.2 KB
672-pin FineLine BGA672-pin.zip108 KB
88-pin Ultra FineLine BGA
Only for EPC16 configuration device
EPC16_gerbers.zip4 KB

Layout Specifications

The following table lists the specifications used in the download files:

Specifications for 256-, 484- & 672-Pin FineLine BGA Layout Files
I/O pad on PCBPad Size: 15.7 mils
ViaPad Size: 16 mils
Plated through-hole: 8 mils
Trace width5 mils
Space width5 mils

If you have any questions regarding these files, please visit Altera's mySupport web site.