Assembler Reports

The Assembler generates the following reports about the compilation:

Assembler Summary Report

Summarizes the following information about the compilation:

  • Assembler Status shows the status, end date and end time of the Assembler operation.
  • Revision Name shows the Revision name specified in the Revisions dialog box.
  • Top-level Entity Name
  • Family shows the device family name specified in the Settings dialog box.
  • Device shows the name of the current device specified in the Device dialog box of the Settings dialog box.

Assembler Device Option Report

The Assembler folder in the Compilation Report contains the following Assembler Device Options reports:

Assembler Device Options: <targeted SRAM-based device>.sof Reports the device, checksum, and JTAG user code for an SRAM-based device.

Assembler Settings Report

Reports default and user-specified Assembler settings specified in the Device and Pin Options dialog box. The Assembler Settings report includes a subset of the possible settings. The exact content depends on the design and device used.

Assembler Messages

Reports any messages generated by the Assembler during the current process. The Assembler generates info, warning, and error messages that report on conditions observed during the Assembler process.

You can right-click a message in the Assembler Messages report and click Help to display help on the selected message, or click Locate to view a list of options available for the selected node(s).

CRC Error Settings Report

Reports the Error Correction CRC results for the design when it is turned on in the Device and Pin Options dialog box. CRAM CRC is the actual CRC result. CRC clock rate is the frequency of the CRC.