Print Command (Report Window)

You open this dialog box by clicking File > Print.

Specifies print options and prints the selected sections of the Report window.

The Print List displays the sections of the Report window and indicates which sections print based on the option selected under Print range.

In the Print List, the printer icon to the left of a section name indicates that the section is marked for printing in the Report Window Contents.

The following table indicates which sections are marked for printing in the Print List when you choose an option under Print range:

Option Selected Under Print Range

Sections in Print List Marked for Printing


All sections.

Marked sections

Sections marked in the Report Window Contents, as described in Selecting reports to print.

Current section

The section currently selected in the Report Window Contents and displayed in the Section window of the Report window, as described in Navigating the Report Window.

Selection within current section

The selected information in the current section that appears in the Report pane of the Report window.

You can select this option only for the following reports:

You can also select Waveform in the Print List and click Options to make changes in the Print Options (Waveform Editor) dialog box.