Flag Message Command (Shortcut Menu)

To access this command, right-click any message in the Messages window and select Flag > Flag Message. Identifies the selected message with a flag icon () in the Flag column in the Messages window

Viewing Messages in the Report Window

In addition to viewing messages in the Messages window, you can view messages in the Flow Messages section and any messages that were suppressed in the Flow Suppressed Messages section of the Report window. Messages that appear on the Processing tab in the Messages window also appear in the Messages report in the Report window, and in the Text-Format Report File (.rpt) Definition and HTML-Format Report File (.htm) Definition

Getting Source Location Information about a Message

You can locate the source of error and warning messages by right-clicking the message in the Messages window. The Quartus® Prime software locates and highlights the object in the appropriate design file, and opens the file. The Quartus® Prime Text Editor indicates errors that occur during compilation with a yellow circle at the line number in the design file where the error occurred.

Viewing Messages With Parallel Synthesis and Design Partitions

When you use Parallel Synthesis to compile your design, the Quartus® Prime software displays messages generated by design partitions in the Messages window as they are synthesized in parallel. Therefore, messages from different partitions are not sequenced together, but instead interspersed throughout the Messages window. After compilation, you can use the Partition column in the Messages window to sort messages according to the partition that generated the message, thus grouping all the messages from a particular partition. You can show or hide the Partition column in the Messages window with options on the Messages page in the Options dialog box.