file types Definition

The following file types are available for use in the Quartus® Prime software:

File Type Extension
AHDL Include File .inc
ATOM Netlist File .atm
Block Design File .bdf
Block Symbol File .bsf
BSDL file .bsd
Chain Description File .cdf
Comma-Separated Value File .csv
Component Declaration File .cmp
Component Description File _hw.tcl
Compressed Vector Waveform File .cvwf
Conversion Setup File .cof
Cross-Reference File .xrf
database files .cdb, .hdb, .rdb, .tdb
Design Protocol File .dpf
Graphic Design File .gdf
Hexadecimal (Intel-Format) File .hex
Hexadecimal (Intel-Format) Output File .hexout
HSPICE Simulation Deck File .sp
HTML-Format Report File .htm
I/O Pin State File .ips
IBIS Output File .ibs
In System Configuration File .isc
IP Index File .ipx
Jam Byte Code File .jbc
Jam File .jam
JTAG Debugging Information File .jdi
JTAG Indirect Configuration File .jic
Library Mapping File .lmf
License File license.dat
Logic Analyzer Interface File .lai
Memory Initialization File .mif
Memory Map File .map
PartMiner edaXML-Format File .xml
Pin-Out File .pin
Pin Planner File .ppf
Programmer Object File .pof
Programming files .cdf, .cof
QMSG File .qmsg
Quartus® Prime IP File .qip
Quartus® Prime Archive File .qar
Quartus® Prime Archive Log File .qarlog
Quartus User-Defined Device File .qud
Quartus® Prime Default Settings File .qdf
Quartus® Prime Exported Partition File .qxp
Quartus® Prime Message Flag Rule File .frf
Quartus® Prime Message Suppression Rule File .srf
Quartus® Prime Project File .qpf
Quartus® Prime Settings File .qsf
Quartus® Prime Workspace File .qws
Raw Binary File .rbf
Raw Programming Data File .rpd
Routing Constraints File .rcf
Signal Activity File .saf
Signal Tap File .stp
Sources and Probes File .spf
SRAM Object File .sof
State Machine File .smf
Symbol File .sym
Synopsys® Design Constraints File .sdc
Tab-Separated Value File .txt
Tabular Text File .ttf
Tcl Script File .tcl
Text Design File .tdf
Text-Format Report File .rpt
Token File ted.tok
Vector Table Output File .tbl
Vector source files .tbl, .vwf, .vec
Vector Waveform File .vwf
Verilog Design File .v, .vh, .verilog, .vlg
Verilog Output File .vo
Verilog Quartus Mapping File .vqm
Verilog Test Bench File .vt
Value Change Dump File .vcd
Version-compatible database files .atm, .hdbx, .rcf, .xml
VHDL Design File .vhd, .vhdl
VHDL Output File .vho
VHDL Test Bench File .vht
XML files .cof, .stp, .xml
Waveform files .scf, .stp, .tbl, .vec, .vwf
Waveform Settings File .wsf