Quartus® Prime online Help uses the following terminology:



left mouse button

The left button on a mouse.

middle mouse button

The middle button on a three-button mouse.

right mouse button

The right button on a mouse.

point to

Indicates that you should move the mouse so that the pointer is over the specified item.


Indicates that you need to use a mouse or key combination to activate a command. For example, when you use the mouse to click a command, you position the pointer above the command and click the left mouse button. When you use the keyboard to click a command, you press and hold the Alt key and then type the underlined letters in the menu bar and menu.


Indicates that you need to highlight text and/or objects in a file, or an option in a dialog box with a key combination or the mouse. A selection does not start an action.


Indicates that you must hold down a mouse button or key.

turn on/turn off

Indicates that you must click a checkbox to turn a function on or off.


Indicates two clicks in rapid succession.


Indicates a quick press and release of the right mouse button.