Using the Search

  • Type the keywords in the Search field at the top-right corner, to find topics that contain them.
  • The first 60 characters of each topic are displayed in the search results to provide context.
  • Search results are ranked based on the following:
    1. The number of keywords found in a single paragraph.
    2. The number of keywords found in a single page.
    3. The context of the keyword within the topic.
    4. The search phrase is in the title of the page.
    5. The search phrase is in bold text in a paragraph.
    6. The search phrase is in normal text in a paragraph.
  • To search for Quartus® Prime software messages, type the message number in the search field, in order to obtain the best results. For example, typing 10030 will display the following result: ID:10030 Net <name> at <location> has no driver or initial value, using a default initial value <character>CAUSE: In a Verilog Design File ( .v ) , you declared an object that is represented in the synthesized netlist by the specified net. However, you did not assign a value to the net or indicate its...