New Device Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by clicking New in the Select Devices dialog box.

Allows you to define and name a user-defined device and add it to the list of devices you can program. The names of devices defined in the New Device dialog box appear in the Device name list when you select User Defined in the Device family list.


Allows you to specify the name of a user-defined device.

The device name prefix UNKNOWN is reserved by the Quartus® Prime software. User-defined devices cannot have UNKNOWN as a device name prefix.


Allows you to specify the instruction register length of a user-defined device.


Lists the JTAG IDs and JTAG ID masks for the user-defined device. A JTAG ID is a 32-bit hexadecimal number that includes such information as the manufacturer's ID number, part number, and device identity. A JTAG ID mask specifies the bits to check when comparing a JTAG ID from a device with a JTAG ID specified in the Quartus® Prime software.


Opens the Add JTAG ID dialog box, which allows you to specify a configuration device JTAG ID and JTAG ID mask.

Bits set to 1 in the JTAG ID mask will be checked in the JTAG ID; bits set to 0 in the JTAG ID mask will be ignored in the JTAG ID. For example, to check only the last eight bits in a JTAG ID, set the JTAG ID mask to 0x000000FF.

Allow none:

Allows you to specify whether or not the user-defined device requires a JTAG ID code. Some devices might not require a JTAG ID code. Turning on Allow none allows devices without a JTAG ID code to be identified as this user-defined device in a JTAG chain.

When there are no JTAG IDs in the JTAG ID list, Allow none is unavailable.