Add JTAG ID Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by clicking Add JTAG ID in the New Device or Edit Device dialog box.

Allows you to specify a configuration device JTAG ID and JTAG ID mask.

  • Configuration Device JTAG ID (32-bit hexadecimal)—Allows you to specify the 32-bit hexadecimal number for the configuration device. The JTAG ID includes such information as the manufacturer's ID number, the part number, and the device identity.
  • Configuration Device JTAG ID Mask (32-bit hexadecimal)—Allows you, in conjunction with the Configuration Device JTAG ID (32-bit hexadecimal) value, to specify which bits should be checked in the JTAG ID. Bits set to 1 in the JTAG ID mask are checked in the JTAG ID; bits set to O in the JTAG ID mask are ignored in the JTAG ID. For example, to check only the last eight bits in a JTAG ID, set the JTAG ID mask to 0x000000FF.