Logic Analyzer Interface Editor (Tools Menu)

You open the Logic Analyzer Interface Editor window by clicking Tools > Logic Analyzer Interface Editor.

The Logic Analyzer Interface Editor allows you to multiplex a large number of nodes to an external logic analyzer via a limited number of pins.

External logic analyzers provide more resources, such as increased sampling depth, more complex triggering, and faster sampling rate.

The Logic Analyzer Interface Editor consists of four panes (Instance Manager, Logical View, Setup View, and JTAG Chain Configuration) that provide the controls required to set up and configure the hardware and software to make them compatible for exporting debug data. You can show or hide the Instance Manager, Logical View, or JTAG Chain Configuration panes by clicking on the View menu and selecting or de-selecting the view of your choice.

The following paragraphs describe the controls and options available in the four panes of the Logic Analyzer Interface Editor.