Node List Pane (Signal Tap Logic Analyzer)

Displays a list of pre-synthesis, non-incrementally routed nodes available for triggering. The Node List pane is part of the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer Setup tab, Data tab, and Advanced Trigger tab.

In the Advanced Trigger tab the Node List appears as a separate pane.

In the Setup and Datas tab the three columns Node Type, Node Alias, and Node Name display within the tabs.

The Node List pane contains three fields:

  • Node Type—Displays the node or bus type, such as an input pin or state machine.
  • Node Alias—Allows you to create an alias for the node or bus. You might create a node alias, for example, to shorten a long node name. A node alias is useful, for example, when a node name is very long and/or is truncated.
  • Node Name—Displays the name of the node.
Note: The node order is the same between the Data tab and Setup tab, except for duplicated nodes in the Data tab. Making changes in one tab produces the same changes in the other tab. Nodes cannot be duplicated in the Setup tab.