Report Spine Clock Utilization dialog box (Chip Planner)

You open this dialog box by clicking Report Spine Clock Utilization in the Tasks pane. Displays in the Chip Planner the spine clocks used by your design and the spine clocks reserved by the Fitter early in the compilation process.
  • Report number of most utilized regions—Specifies the number of spine clock regions to report. The Spine Clock Utilization Report initially displays the most congested spine clock region. You can optionally display up to as many spine clock regions as you specify here.
  • Report source clock regions—Displays the clock regions that feed each spine clock region.
  • Report source nodes—Displays the source nodes for each clock region.
  • Report clkctrl nodes—Displays theclock control node for each clock region.
Scripting Information

Keyword: report_spine_clock_regions <number of regions to report> <optional settings>

Number of Regions to Report Settings: <integer> | 16*

Optional Settings: -show regions | -show source | show clkctrls