Power Analyzer Settings Report

Reports the settings that the Power Analyzer used. You specify these settings in the Power Analyzer Settings and Operating Settings and Conditions pages.

The report contains the following information:

  • Default Power Toggle Rate specifies the power toggle rate in use.
  • Default Power Input I/O Toggle Rate specifies the power input I/O toggle rate in use.
  • Use Input File specifies the type of input file, if any, in use.
  • Input Signal Activity File Name specifies the name of the Signal Activity File (.saf) Definition in use.
  • Use smart compilation specifies whether smart compilation is turned on. This feature only supports the Quartus® Prime Standard Edition.
  • Use vectorless estimation specifies whether vectorless estimation is turned on.
  • Filter Glitches in VCD File Reader specifies whether glitch filtering is turned on.
  • Power Analyzer Report Signal Activity specifies whether a signal activity section is created in the report.
  • Power Analyzer Report Power Dissipation specifies whether a power dissipation section is created in the report
  • Device Power Characteristics specifies the device power characteristics assumed for the power analysis.
  • Automatically Compute Junction Temperature specifies whether junction temperature is computed.
  • Specified Junction Temperature specifies a junction temperature.
  • Ambient Temperature specifies the ambient temperature.
  • Use Custom Cooling Solution specifies whether a custom cooling solution is in use.