Partition Database File Viewer

Although you cannot directly read the .qdb file, you can view helpful attributes about the file in the Partition Database File Viewer to quickly identify its contents and suitabilty for use.

The Quartus® Prime software automatically stores metadata about the project of origion and resource utilization when you export a .qdb from your project. You can then use the Partition Database File Viewer to display the attributes of the .qdb file.

To view .qdb file attributes in the Partition Database File Viewer, click File > Open, select Design Files for Files of Type, and open a .qdb file in the Quartus® Prime software. The Partition Database File Viewer displays the following attributes of the file:

QDB Attribute Types Attribute Example

Project Information

Quartus Version 18.1.0 Internal Build 7 01/23/2018 Pro Edition
Export Date Thu Jan 23 10:56:23 2018
Revision Name Top
Revision Type PR_BASE
Version-Compatible Yes
Snapshot synthesized
Library Name Lib
Content Type Partition
Name (if Partition) root_partition
Entity (if Partition) Counter
Family Arria 10
Device 10AX016C3U19E2LG

Resource Utilization

For synthesized snapshot lists data from the Synthesis Resource Usage Summary report.

Dedicated logic registers: 14

I/O pins: 5

Total DSP Blocks: 0


For the final snapshot, lists data from the Fitter Partition Statistics report.

Combinational ALUTs: 16

I/O Registers