Status Page (Design Space Explorer II)

Allows you to view and control the progress of each exploration point.

The status table displays the following information for each individual exploration point or single compilation:

Option Description
Identifies the state of the compilation. If applicable, click the link to check the status of the compilation on the compute farm.
Not submitted Describes the state of a job that is in queue for a free computing resource.
Waiting Describes the state of a job that is launched on the remote compute farm, and is waiting for an available computing resource to run the compilation
Running Describes a compilation that is in progress
Successful Describes a compilation that completes successfully
Terminated Describes a compilation that you stop manually, or a terminated compilation caused by a failure on the compute farm.
Error Describes a failed compilation because of compilation errors or other issues
Exploration Point Displays the name of the seed or exploration point
Job ID

Assigned name for the job on the compute farm


Name of the compute farm performing the respective job

Progress Displays a progress bar and a percentage of completion for the compilation. If you move the cursor over the progress bar, a tooltip appears with a breakdown of the amount of time spent on each stage of compilation.
Time Displays the duration of the compilation
Stop Click to stop an individual compilation.