General Settings for IP

Use the following settings to control how the Quartus® Prime software manages IP cores in your project.
Table 1. IP Core General Setting Locations
Setting Location Description
Tools > Options > IP Settings


Tasks pane > Settings > IP Settings (Pro Edition Only)

  • Increase the Maximum Platform Designer memory usage size if you experience slow processing for large systems, or for out of memory errors.
  • Specify the IP generation HDL preference. The parameter editor generates the HDL you specify for IP variations.
  • Use the IP Regeneration Policy setting to control when synthesis files regenerate for each IP variation. Typically, you Always regenerate synthesis files for IP cores after making changes to an IP variation.
  • Enable Generate IP simulation model when generating IP to automatically generate simulation models every time you generate the IP.
  • To decrease compilation times for IP-intensive designs, enableUse available processors for parallel generation of Quartus project IPs.
Tools > Options > IP Catalog Search Locations


Tasks pane > Settings > IP Catalog Search Locations (Pro Edition Only)

  • Specify additional project and global IP search locations. The Quartus® Prime software searches for IP cores in the project directory, in the Quartus® Prime installation directory, and in the IP search path.