Export Dialog Box (All Editors)

Open this dialog box by clicking File > Export with a file open in a supported application or editor (Assignment Editor, Block Editor, Compare Revisions dialog box, Memory Editor, Netlist Viewers, Pin Planner, Signal Tap Logic Analyzer, and Symbol Editor). In the Change Manager, you can also open this dialog box by pointing to Export, and then clicking any of the Export commands on the Shortcut menu.

The Export dialog box allows you to export files or information to a separate file for further use in the Quartus® Prime software, or for other functions outside the Quartus® Prime software.

The following table describes what types of files or information you can export, and into what file type the exported information is placed.

Application or Editor

Exported Data

Exported File Type

Assignment Editor


Tcl Script File (.tcl) Definition or Comma-Separated Value File (.csv) Definition.

Block Editor

Block Design File (.bdf) Definition

JPEG File Interchange Format (.jpg) file or Bitmap File (.bmp).

Change Manager

specified changes, regardless of status

Tcl Script File, Comma-Separated Value File, or text file (.txt).

Memory Editor

new version of the current Memory Initialization File (.mif) Definition or Hexadecimal (Intel-Format) File (.hex) Definition

Value Change Dump File (.vcd) Definition containing the initial content of a memory block.


You can use the Value Change Dump File to specify the initial contents of memory when performing a functional simulation in other EDA tools.

Pin Planner


Tcl Script File or a Comma-Separated Value File.


You can export the information displayed in columns in the All Pins list or the Pin Migration View window.

Netlist Viewers


JPEG File Interchange Format File, Bitmap File, Portable Network Graphics File (.png), or Graphics Interchange Format File (.gif).

Signal Tap Logic Analyzer

current Signal Tap waveform data

Comma-Separated Value File, Vector Table Output File (.tbl) Definition, Value Change Dump File, Vector Waveform File (.vwf) Definition, JPEG File Interchange Format, or Bitmap File.

State Machine Editor


Portable document file (.pdf).

Symbol Editor

assignments or Block Symbol File (.bsf) Definition

JPEG File Interchange Format File or Bitmap File.

Waveform Editor

new version of the current waveform file

A test bench file Definition, which includes a Verilog Test Bench File (.vt) Definition, or VHDL Test Bench File (.vht) Definition, containing the top-level design entity and test vectors from the simulation waveforms in the waveform file.

  • You can use the test bench file for simulation with other EDA simulation tools. This command generates design ports in the test bench file, but not internal signals.
  • If you turn on Add self-checking code to file, you can export a waveform file as a test bench file that checks whether the simulation passes or fails in an EDA simulator.

A text file can be read by a text editor or other programs. Delimited data is often divided into columns and rows. A JPEG File Interchange Format is a standard method of compression for photographic images; a Bitmap File is a simple graphics file format. Bitmap Files are usually not compressed, so they are typically much larger than compressed image file formats for the same image.