Insert Template Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by clicking Edit > Insert Template with a file open in the Quartus® Prime Text Editor.

Allows you to insert templates in a text file at the current insertion point or in place of selected text. You can insert templates in the following languages:

  • Quartus Prime Tcl
  • Timing Analyzer design constraints
  • SystemVerilog, including Intel parameterizable macros
  • Verilog HDL, including Intel parameterizable macros
  • VHDL, including Intel parameterizable macros
  • AHDL
  • Tcl
  • Synopsys® Design Constraints (SDC)

Language Templates Pane

In the Language templates pane, the Quartus® Prime software organizes templates and Intel parameterizable macros according to their language and purpose.

Preview Pane

The Preview pane allows you to view the template or macro before you insert it into the file.

You cannot save changes to an Intel-provided template or macro. If you want to save changes, you can save the template or macro with a custom name. You can specify the directory where you want to save user template in the Text Editor page in the Options dialog box.