PRJ-10000: INI Variables Used During Compile


Violations of this rule idenfity INI settings which were detected and used during the compilation flow. INI settings may be used to configure advanced Compiler behaviours that are either experimental or covering for other issues. During early design iterations, they may be used to unblock certain issues to help accelerate development, but can be unsafe if relied upon for final design closure.


Waive violations of this rule only if the corresponding INIs are verified as safe. Remove any remaining INIs from the design configuration and ensure that any issues they covered for are addressed.




Tag Description
project-settings Design rule checks related to validating the project settings.

Device Family

  • Intel®Stratix® 10
  • Intel Agilex®
  • Intel Agilex®
  • Intel Agilex®
  • Intel®Arria® 10
  • Intel®Cyclone® 10 GX