Interface Planner Flow Control

The Flow control panel provides immediate access to common Interface Planner commands from anywhere within Interface Planner. The Flow controls appear in order of a typical interface planning flow. Interface Planner is only available in Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software.

Table 1. Flow Control
Command Description
Open Project Allows you to select and open a Quartus® Prime project in Interface Planner.
Initialize Interface Planner Loads the synthesis netlist, starts the Fitter verification engine, and imports assignments from your Quartus® Prime project.
View Assignments Opens the Assignments tab, which allows you to review and reconcile any conflicting assignments that Interface Planner imports from your project. Enable or disable specific project assignments to resolve any conflicts.
Update Plan Applies the enabled project assignments to your interface plan. You cannot perform periphery planning on the Plan tab until you update the plan.
Plan Design Opens the Plan tab in which you place logic in the interface plan.
Export Constraints Saves your interface plan to a file for subsequent application to your project. This command is available only after successfully running Validate Plan.
Validate plan Verifies that all constraints in the interface plan are compatible with placement of all remaining unplaced design elements. You can then directly locate and resolve the source of any reported validation errors. You must successfully validate the plan before running Write Plan File.
View Reports Opens the Reports tab for filtering data and finding entities and locations.