Show Commands (View Menu/Task Window) (Pin Planner)

The following commands are available in the Pin Planner View menu and Task window.

These commands allow you to change the perspective or detail in the Pin Planner device view.

  • Show Package Top
  • Show Package Bottom
  • Rotate Left 90°
  • Rotate Right 90°

The following commands display and color code the following I/O structures in the device view:

  • Show I/O Banks
  • Show VREF Groups
  • Show Edges
  • Show DQ/DQS Pins
  • Show Hard Memory Interface Pins
  • Show PCIe Hard IP Interface Pins
  • Show I/O Modules

The following commands can be combined with other commands to view combinations of I/O characteristics:

  • Show Clock Region Input Pins—The commands in the Show Clock Region Input Pins submenu color code input pins in the global clock region, quadrant clock regions, periphery clock regions, LVDS clock regions, and spine clock regions.
  • Show Fitter Placements—Displays pins automatically placed by the Fitter. When you turn on Show Fitter Placements, the Show Fitter Placements icon appears in the bottom left corner of the Pin Planner package view.
  • Show Differential Pin Pair Connections—Displays a red connection line between a pair of differential pins. The Package View labels the positive and negative pins with the letters p and n, respectively. When one of the pins is assigned to a node that has a differential I/O standards Definition assignment, the complementary pin is considered assigned and unavailable for future pin assignments.
  • Show PLL/DLL related pins—Displays thick outlines around PLL input and output pins. The outlines are green for PLL input pins, and blue for output pins.
  • Show Node Names and Show Pin Types—Displays the node names and pin types in the Pin Planner package view. You can use these commands to zoom in on specific pin information.
  • Show I/O Bank Color in Lists—Allows you to turn on or off I/O bank colors in the All Pins and Groups list.