Set Operating Conditions Dialog Box (set_operating_conditions)

Allows you to configure different operating conditions for a device from those used to create the existing timing netlist. You open this dialog box by clicking Netlist > Set Operating Conditions.

Operating conditions consist of voltage and temperature options that are used together. You can run timing analysis for different delay models without having to delete the existing timing netlist. The Timing Analyzer supports multi-corner timing analysis which you can turn on in the dialog box of the command you are performing.

Select a voltage/temperature combination and double-click Report Timing under Custom Reports in the Tasks pane.

Reports that fail timing appear in red type, reports that pass appear in black type. Reports that have not yet been run are in gold with a question mark (?). Selecting another voltage/temperature combination creates a new report, but any reports previously run persist.

You can use the following context menu options to generate or regenerate reports in the Report window:
  • Regenerate—Regenerate the selected report.
  • Generate in All Corners—Generate a timing report using all corners.
  • Regenerate All Out of Date—Regenerate all reports.
  • Delete All Out of Date—Flush all the reports that have been run to clear the way for new reports with modifications to timing.
Scripting Information

Keyword: set_operating_conditions

Note: Timing Analyzer only overwrites reports on corners when the same panel name for the report and the same conditions are selected.