The Console is the command-line interface of the Timing Analyzer. The Console allows you to directly enter Tcl and Synopsys® Design Constraints (SDC) commands and displays messages from the Timing Analyzer. The following types of messages can appear:

  • Error— Displays a message when the Timing Analyzer cannot run a command. Also displays command-line help about that command.
  • Info— Displays information about constraints and settings, the Quartus® Prime software version number, and instructions on using Tcl commands. You can also configure Report Timing reports to appear as Info messages.
  • Tcl— Displays the equivalent SDC or Tcl command, or resulting output for the task you ran.
  • Warning— Displays warnings about constraints and settings. Also displays messages such as whether the Timing Analyzer is the default timing analysis tool for compilation or whether the Timing Analyzer supports certain device families.

You can right-click the Console, point to Locate, and select any of the available Locate commands to locate more information about the selected item in other editors or applications.

You can customize the font that appears in the Console in the Options dialog box in the Timing Analyzer.

Console History

The Console History lists all the Tcl commands and SDC commands run, either by directly typing a command in the Console or with graphical user interface elements. You can save the information that appears in the Console History to a file to create scripts.