Design Simulation

Simulation allows you to verify design behavior before device programming.Quartus® Prime software supports RTL- and gate-level design simulation in various third-party simulators.

Simulating a design involves:
  • Setting up your simulator working environment
  • Compiling simulation model libraries
  • Running the simulator
  • Interpreting the results
Quartus® Prime software supports scripted and custom simulation flows.
Quartus® Prime software supports both Verilog HDL and VHDL simulation of encrypted and unencrypted Intel FPGA IP cores.
Note: If your design includes Intel FPGA IP cores, you must compile any corresponding IP simulation models in your simulator with the rest of your design and testbench. Quartus® Prime software generates and copies the simulation models for IP cores to your project directory.
Note: For more information about using EDA simulators, refer to the Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Third-party Simulation.