SoC システム・オン・モジュール

SoC システム・オン・モジュール (SoM) とは

SoC システム・オン・モジュールのページへようこそ。ここでは、SoM を開発できる多くのパートナーを通じて、SoM を提案する理由および利用できる SoM の種類を確認することができます。

インテル® SoC FPGA システム・オン・モジュール (SoM) は、 インテル® Arria® 10 または Cyclone® V SoC をコアとして1枚のボードに統合した小型コンピューターです。SoC SoM には DDR3 メモリー、フラッシュメモリー、パワー・マネージメント、共通インターフェイス・コントローラー、およびボードサポート・パッケージ (BSP) ソフトウェアが含まれ、完全にカスタマイズされたエンベデッド・デザインを作成するのに役立ちます。

インテル® SoC FPGA システム・オン・モジュール (SoM)  は、お客様独自または標準ベース (SMARC、Qseven) のフォームファクターに柔軟に対応します。

インテル® Arria® 10 SoC システム・オン・モジュール(SoM)

Reflex Achilles


85mm x 95mm

1K pcs pricing from $795



1GB DDR4 with optional ECC

35mm x 35mm

1K pcs pricing from $479

Mercury+ AA1

8 GByte DDR4 with ECC

Arria 10 System on Module

6 GByte DDR4 with ECC

80mm x 65mm  


Cyclone® V SoC システム・オン・モジュール(SoM)


Up to 2 GB DDR3 with ECC1

82 mm x 39 mm

1K price from $159


Up to 2 GB DDR3 with ECC1

67.6 mm x 34.9 mm

1K price from $99


Up to 2 GB DDR3 with ECC1

73.4 mm x 64 mm

1K price from $275


Up to 2 GB DDR3 with ECC1

82 mm x 50 mm

SMARC standard

1K price from $149


Up to 2 GB DDR3 with ECC1

82 mm x 50 mm

SMARC standard

Integrated Industrial Ethernet

1K price from $110


Up to 512 MB DDR3 with ECC1

70 mm x 70 mm

Qseven standard

1K price from $179


1 GB DDR31

47.5 mm x 34.9 mm

1K price from $150


Mercury SA1

1 GB DDR31

56 mm x 54 mm

1K price from $268

Mercury+ SA2

2 GB DDR31

74 mm x 54 mm

1K price from $358


1 GB DDR31

133 mm x 52 mm

1K price from $120


1 GB DDR31

74 mm x 42 mm

1K price from 117 Euros

Borax SOM

1 GB DDR31

95 mm x 55 mm

1K price from $159

1Processor main memory only.  Additional FPGA, flash memory, eMMC, microSD, SD/MMC, and EEPROM memory may be provided but is not shown in this table. Consult the SoM vendor specifications for complete memory details.


512 MB DDR3

70 mm x 35 mm

1K price from 49 euros


2 KB Data SRAM, 32 KB Program

17.78 mm x 43.18 mm

1K price $49


Replace obsolete microcontroller units (MCUs)
without any FPGA knowledge. 

70 mm x 35 mm

Contact Kondo for pricing.


Replace obsolete ASSP IC’s without any FPGA knowledge or design experience.

Contact NDR for pricing.

開発 vs 購入

SoM の活用は、お客様の製品デザインに製品化までの時間短縮、コストの削減、リスクの低減、専門家によるサポートといった利点をもたらします。ボックスをクリックして、より多くのビジネス獲得に向けたSOM の活用方法の詳細をご確認ください。

Purchasing a SoM for your design enables you to save 6-12 months of development time, which leads to more profitability. Also with SoMs you can develop application software on the production hardware immediately without needing to port from a development kit.


Buying an SoC SoM lets you isolate complex, high-layer board from the rest of system and reduce total PCB cost. Furthermore, you only have to manage one part number instead of a complete bill of materials (BOM) for processor-FPGA subsystem. Lastly, buying a SoM means shorter development cycle and lower resource needs, which lead to more savings!

SoM の活用は、お客様の製品デザインに製品化までの時間短縮、コストの削減、リスクの低減、専門家によるサポートといった利点をもたらします。ボックスをクリックして、より多くのビジネス獲得に向けたSOM の活用方法の詳細をご確認ください。

When purchasing SoC SoM from our partner vendors, you also receive the support needed to design your system. The SoM vendors offer free and contract support. They handle a variety of issues such as component obsolescence, memory die shrinks, and process change notification (PCNs). Please refer to the Going to Production section to see what  support is offered by each vendor.  


Build vs. Buy Comparison Table

  Build Your Own Buy SoM
Development cost  30-45 person-weeks $0
Future maintenance cost  12-36 person-weeks $0
Opportunity cost + "hidden" costs Lost sales, design risk, specification changes, total PCB, board spins, and manufacturing delay $0
Build-buy unit cost delta (SoM buy unit cost) - (customer's build unit cost) 
Break-even quantity n

Buying SoM is favourable if: 


Number of Units (n)  <             Development Cost + Maintenance Cost + Opportunity Cost                        


                                                                  (SoM Buy Unit Cost - Customer's Build Unit Cost) 


To evaluate the SoC SoM and develop your project, you can order a SoM development kit from the SoM vendor or one of their authorized distributors. For further information, visit the vendor's SoM product page or contact the SoM vendor at the email address listed in the Choosing a SoM section.

Each SoC SoM vendor offers a variety of helpful design support services and collateral to assist you in your development, including:


  • Free technical support to get started with your SoC SoM development
  • Free hardware verification services
  • Customizable technical support packages
  • Custom base board or carrier board development
  • Schematic design review for customer-designed carrier boards
  • Design review and training services
  • Systems engineering and hardware design services
  • Software development services, including custom board support package (BSP) development or operating system porting
  • Full application development or GUI development
  • Custom FPGA logic development
  • Product documentation, design guides, and videos


Refer to each SoM vendor's product page or contact them directly for a complete listing of services offered. 

You can purchase prototypes and production quantities of your selected SoC SoM from the vendor or their authorized distributor.  Contact your vendor to understand the following:

  • Parts Change Notification (PCN) policy
  • Design Escrow policy
  • Design licensing policy
  • Purchasing information, including correct orderable part number