Serial RapidIO to PCI Bridge Reference Design

from Jennic Ltd

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The Serial RapidIO® to PCI Bridge provides the capability to bridge between a Serial RapidIO interface and a PCI interface. It is part of a family of devices that are intended for applications which are currently based on legacy interface standards, such as PCI, but need to use a switched serial interconnect, such as Serial RapidIO.

The Serial RapidIO to PCI Bridge transparently converts PCI memory read and write transfers into RapidIO I/O or maintenance transactions. It appears as eight PCI windows, each of which can be mapped to different RapidIO destinations. Received RapidIO I/O transactions are converted to PCI memory accesses using an integrated DMA controller.

The bridge utilizes Jennic's RapidIO and PCI Interface intellectual property (IP) cores and the semiconductor vendor's on-chip SERDES/transceivers. Jennic's RapidIO IP core product line provides a range of complete, fully integrated RapidIO interface solutions to address a wide range of applications including endpoints and switches. These are based around a common, modular architecture and implement the physical, transport, and logical layer RapidIO standards and are suitable for implementation in a range of Intel® technologies including devices from the Stratix® and Stratix GX product families.


  • Fully transparent bridge between
    • 1x/4x Serial RapidIO interface
    • 32-bit @ 66-MHz PCI (2.2) interface
  • RapidIO serial physical layer features
    • Operating rates of 1.25, 2.5, or 3.125 Gbaud per lane
    • Operates in either 1x or 4x mode
  • RapidIO transport and logical layer features
    • Supports the following RapidIO transactions
      • NREAD
      • NWRITE
      • NWRITE_R
      • SWRITE
      • RESPONSE
      • Maintenance
  • PCI Interface Features
    • 32-bit @ 66-MHz PCI (2.2) interface
    • PCI initiator and target functionality
    • Supports PCI configuration and memory read and write commands
    • Eight transparent 2-Mbyte PCI host windows
  • General
    • Verified against RapidIO Trade Association bus-functional models
    • Interoperability tested against third-party solutions
    • PCI/HIP evaluation platform available

Demonstrated Intel Technology

Block Diagram

Figure 1. Serial RapidIO to PCI Bridge Reference Design


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