OpenBlocks IoT VX1 Kit* by Plat'Home

A smart building solution.

The kit enables indoor and outdoor location tracking, and remote management for equipment and facilities. Positioning is tracked by beacons; the AI layer in the gateway optimizes the received beacon data and sends it to the Watson IoT cloud service for analytics.1

Product Details

$1900+, available now

Built by Plat'Home, sold by Plat'Home

Available in Japan

Intel® products: Intel Atom® E3805

Supported platforms: OS Platform: Debian GNU/Linux; Cloud Platform: PD Exchange, Amazon Kinesis, AWS IoT, Watson IoT (Device), Watson IoT (Gateway), MS Azure Event hubs MS Azure IoT Hub, Toami for Docomo (T4D), MQTT Server, WEB server (PLAIN) and node red (NRED)

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