Wireless Docking Just Got Real with Intel® Wireless Gigabit Technology

The Intel® Wireless Gigabit Sink W13100 is a WiGig 802.11ad wireless dock on a module. It works with the Intel® Tri-Band Wireless-AC 18260 in client devices to deliver a high-performance, wire-like wireless docking experience. The Intel® Wireless Gigabit Sink W13100 interfaces with up to two Intel® Wireless Gigabit Antenna-M 10041R modules to deliver better coverage for great on-desk wireless docking experience.1 2

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Wireless gigabit docking Allows wire-equivalent quality for up to two full HD displays, low-latency human interface devices (HID), and multi-Gbps I/O for a high performance, on-desk productivity experience.
Wireless access to peripherals Enables wire-free multi-Gbps connectivity for any USB 3.0 device, such as storage or HD camera that is WiGig-enabled or connected to a wireless gigabit dock station.
WiGig display extension WiGig wireless display extension, for visually-lossless, low latency, robust video, and HD audio.
WiGig serial extension WiGig wireless serial extension, for efficient, native USB 3.0 transfers including bulk and isochronous.
Client dock management Dedicated, user-friendly Intel® Wireless Gigabit dock manager utility on the client to configure the dock settings (password protectable).

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