Work Smarter With Computers That Learn and Adapt

Boot up faster, work more efficiently and naturally with computers powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Optane™ memory.1


  • Preload frequently used applications to cut down on wait time and maximize time creating

  • Accelerate performance with up to 2.1x2 3 more responsiveness for everyday tasks

  • Provide ample storage capacity and load media files up to 1.6x2 4 faster



We expect a lot from our computers: Fast and seamless online shopping, immediate answers to our Internet questions, responsive virtual assistants, and smart home technologies that let us control the room temperature remotely. We demand that our devices help us work faster and smarter.

Technology is keeping up with increasing consumer expectations. New 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors combined with Intel® Optane™ memory help people work smarter and easier. The new processor-memory combination enhances performance by learning from and adapting to user behavior. Users can boot up fast and work more efficiently.

Enhanced Photo Editing
Available on desktops, All-in-One PCs, and laptops, 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Optane™ memory let users quickly edit high-resolution vistas in Adobe Photoshop* with panoramic photo stitching. The new technologies help professional photographers and photojournalists stay in their creative flow as high-resolution photo files load and render quickly.

New Intel® processor and memory technologies empower photographers to edit snapshots, create family albums and share collections with ease. Load large media files up to 1.6X faster2 4 off the data drive with an 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors featuring Intel® Optane™ memory.

Video-editing software and video files are notoriously compute-intensive. Intel® Optane™ memory and 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors enable videographers and editors to upload, launch, and process large 360-degree footage files in real time, allowing them to be more productive than ever before.

Pen-enabled Touchscreens
Adding to the productivity benefits of Intel® Optane™ memory, All-in-One desktop PCs and 2 in 1 laptops with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors have sophisticated pen-enabled touchscreens so users can take notes, sketch, draw, make notations, and perform other work right on their screen.

Creative inspiration can happen at any time and the stylus-enabled touchscreen makes it easy for writers and artists to capture their ideas right on their screens, and then quickly upload their ideas or designs to their computer.

Similarly, students and professional writers can turn their screens into tablets so they can take notes by hand and upload the information for later access and retrieval.

In our need-it-yesterday world, people are looking for a high-performance computer that can help them work faster and more efficiently. 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors featuring Intel® Optane™ memory learns and accelerates the tasks users do most often, improving their computing experience and helping them accomplish more in less time.