Design Guide: mPGA604 Socket for Intel® Xeon® Processors

This document defines a surface mount, Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket intended for workstation and server platforms based on Intel® microprocessors. The socket provides I/O, power, and ground contacts. The socket contains 604 contacts arrayed about a cavity in the center of the socket with solder balls/surface mount features for ...surface mounting with the motherboard. The mPGA604 Socket contacts have 1.27mm pitch with regular pin array, to mate with a 604-pin processor package. A 604-pin package will be mated with a 603 solder ball socket. The dummy pin is a key that allows either the 603-pin processor package or the 604-pin processor package to be used in the same socket.

1.2 Purpose

To define functional, quality, reliability, and material (that is, visual, dimensional, and physical) requirements and design guidelines of the mPGA604 Socket in order to provide low cost, low risk, robust, high volume manufacturable (HVM) socket solution available from multiple sources.

1.3 Scope

This design guideline applies to all 604-pin ZIF sockets purchased to the requirements of this design guideline.

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