Artificial Intelligence Accelerates TTM

Intel IT is in a unique position to lead Intel’s digital transformation. We have the experience needed to solve complex business challenges and deliver new value to the company. We are using our highly connected datasets and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise to improve our business processes. We are also working closely with Intel’s business units to deploy new AI technologies that can improve how we plan, design, and test Intel’s products. In this paper, we present two of our AI-based solutions for augmenting the validation process performed as part of chip design: CLIFF (Coverage LIFt Framework) creates new tests for hard-to-validate functionalities to discover hidden bugs as early as possible. CLIFF significantly improves the targeted functionalities coverage, compared to standard regression tests. ITEM (Intelligent Test Execution Management) creates the best testing suite each week. ITEM ensures that, from a bug-finding and functionality-coverage perspective, the teams run the most cost-effective tests. ITEM has greatly reduced the number of required tests.