SKU CBL10400130 CBL104001309X CBL10400328 CBL104003289X CBL10400626 CBL10400H30 CBL10400H309X CBL10600130 CBL106001309X CBL10600228TLCC CBL10600230 CBL10600328 CBL106003289X CBL10600526 CBL10600H30 CBL10600H309X CBL207010012 CBL207020012 CBL208003012 CBL2080030129X CBL208010012 CBL2080100129X CBL208020012 CBL208030012 CBL2080300129X CBL210003013 CBL2100030139X CBL210010013 CBL2100100139X CBL210015013 CBL210030013 CBL2100300139X CBL210100013

This technical document provides a matrix of Intel® True Scale Fabric IB cable SKUs covered under the warranty, including expiration dates for cables nearing end-of-life.