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Intel's FSI CTO Talks Data & Culture

An insightful webinar on getting to grips with data analytics and nurturing data-driven cultures.

Learn about our appraoch to data and culture

Capturing the AI opportunity

This research paper, produced by Finextra, discusses how to approach AI, ownership, challenges, and potential applications

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Why Storage Matters for AI

AI presents a tremendous opportunity in the Financial Services indsutry, but first you must start with Data. This brief outlines the importance of a Data pipeline and storage.

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How COVID-19 is impacting the financial services industry

CTO Parviz Peiravi shares the emerging trends and tech as a result of COVID-19.

Is Autonomous IT the future?

How to build and run scalable AI

This article walks through data prep, model development and the challenges of operationalizing AI.

See how to develop scalable AI

Customer Stories and Solutions

Accelerate Data Science with Bodo and Intel

This solution provides a strarting point for developing a simplified data science infrastructure.

Learn how to develop your infrastructure

Using Machine Learning to Fight Fraud and Create Insight

We explain the use cases of ML in financial services and look at how Onfido’s ML technology can help.

Discover the power of Machine Learning

Drive down latencies with Intel® Optane™ DC SSDs

Real time data analytics tools are the lifeblood of Financial Services. Multiple STAC-M3* benchmark records were set using Intel® Optane™ SSD drives.

Discover how you can process and analyze data more efficiently

Event Highlights

Innovate Finance 2019: Takeaways and Trends in the AI Space

See the key AI trends that came out of the Innovate Finance Global Summit.

Discover more on regulation, use-cases, and new start-ups

O'Reilly AI Conference 2019 Highlights

See what you missed from the conference.

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FPGAs in Finance

Intel® FPGAs have many applications in Financial Services, including the ability to provide ultra-low latency in High Frequency Trading and enabling effective Risk Management.

FPGAs: What are they and why should you care?

An intro to FPGAs and how they can help the Financial Services Industry.

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How Harnessing an FPGA Workhorse Can Help Banks Tame Monte Carlo Algorithms

With their low latency and high flexibility, Intel® FPGAs play an essential part in today’s data-driven banking.

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Time for FPGAs to take the stage

With regulatory changes set to make their presence felt in the financial sector, FPGAs represent a potential step change in performance.

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Turbo charge your NoSQL databases

NoSQL databases enable deployment of various applications and services to get set up quickly and scale-out fast.

See how rENIAC can accelerate your NOSQL database

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Intel in AI

Harnessing silicon designed specifically for AI, end-to-end solutions and tools that enable customers to quickly deploy and scale up.

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Intel in Financial Services

See how Intel®-based solutions, delivered through our partners, can help financial institutions to deliver next generation services and new value to their customers.

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