Intel® Processor-Based Server Selection Guide

Intel® Processor-Based Server Selection Guide

Intel® Processor-Based Server Selection Guide

Intel® Server Processor Comparison and Selection Guide

Guide Intel® Xeon® processor based servers

Intel® Itanium® processor based Servers Finding the Right Servers for Your Business Computing Needs

Every IT organization has to satisfy a unique mix of server purchase requirements (high performance, reliability, technology headroom, etc.), while working within a variety of data... center constraints, including budget, floor space, power/thermal capacity and many others. Your servers need to fit your data center deployment strategy (scale up vs. scale out), while delivering optimized support across a broad range of business, technical and infrastructure applications. They must also provide a flexible foundation for current and future virtualization and cloud computing strategies, so you can simplify and consolidate your infrastructure, drive down your energy and operating costs, and adopt new usage models – even as you continue to add new capabilities and evolve your IT services strategies to grow your business.

Whatever your data center requirements may be, you can take comfort in knowing that Intel, the world leader in server technology, has server platforms based on advanced, proven technology to help your IT department deliver more efficient, dependable and responsive solutions for business. This guide helps you select from the broad range of Intel® processor-based servers.

Intel® Xeon® Processor Family

The latest Intel® Xeon® processors usher in a new era of intelligent performance that takes energy-efficiency and compute density to new heights, while delivering best-in-class support for virtualization, consolidation, and cloud computing. Servers based on these processors can help you create a standardized, reliable IT infrastructure that helps you drive down data center space, power, cooling and management costs, while providing exceptional performance and reliability, even for your most data-demanding infrastructure applications.

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