Next-generation commercial displays


The Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) introduced by Intel in 2010 quickly became the standard worldwide with solutions in-market from more than 40 manufacturers. The mini OPS standard expands the range of systems and user experiences for digital and commercial displays, while bringing new features including:

  • Fanless design: Increases reliability and reduces moving parts, even in the smallest systems.
  • Small: Supports new form factor solutions, at almost half the size of OPS dimensions, and is LEED compliant.
  • Lower build-of-material (BOM): Helps reduce manufacturing costs with its small scale and no wrapper.
  • Innovation roadmap: Offers the performance and advantages of the latest low-power, cost-effective Intel® processors
  • New pluggable connectors: Supports high speed transmission, such as 4 K displays with stunning images.
  • Energy efficient: Reduce energy costs with low-power, green solutions.


  • Enables easier installation, use and maintenance of compact and energy-saving digital signage computing
  • Builds on the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) to expand the range of systems and user experiences for digital and commercial displays

Mini OPS allows the industry to take advantage of an exciting evolution in slimmer, power-efficient digital screens and meet the needs of customers from retail to education.