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How to Download and Watch Free Movies Online Legally

Watch movies online legally

The internet is overrun with web sites that make it all too easy to find and download the latest Hollywood blockbusters to your personal computer - but the majority of the "popular" methods to watch movies online are illegal and there are agencies that patrol the web for illegal movie downloaders. Not only is downloading copyrighted movies illegal, it's also a total waste of time considering the countless online sites that allow watching free movies online legally. Lots of people know about paid for movie streaming sites like Netflix*, Blockbuster Online*, Best Buy's CinemaNow*, and others, but lots of web enthusiasts aren't aware of the great online resources for watching full length movies in a perfectly legal manner.

Regardless of if you're looking to watch an "oldie but goodie" public domain movies like Night of the Living Dead, The General, and Scrooge or if you're in the mood for modern classics, there are free and legal sites that will aid in your movie fix. The Internet Archive is home to over 500,000 public domain "moving images" including cartoons, movies, sports, television, documentaries and more - and is a haven for classic movie buffs.

With over 500,000 movies, documentaries, and television shows, the Internet Archive boasts enough movies to keep the most avid film buff busy, but www.archive.org* isn't the only free and legal movie site online. Other free online video streaming sites like Hulu*, YouTube*, and Google Video* will allow you to legally view movies and TV shows on the web using your personal computer by simply having an internet connection.

If Internet Archive, YouTube, Hulu, and Google Video aren't enough to quench your online movie needs, Xfinity's Fancast* is packed with lots of modern movies and television show titles at no cost even though Xfinity charges to watch the same movies on its popular home cable service.

There are lots of websites that'll allow you to watch free movies, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries and other moving pictures on your computer in a legal way and with the great choices available online, there's really no reason to put yourself at risk by downloading illegal and copyrighted movies to your computer. With the online movie sites mentioned above, you'll always be able to find a great movie online using your computer '" all while being completely legal and without spending a dime.

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