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The Scale-out Storage World and Intel Architecture’s Place Within It

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Introduction: Scale-out Storage and Intel® Architecture You would have to live under a pretty large rock to be completely unaware of the Intel Inside® marketing and branding campaign. But the breadth of Intel’s intent and capability to be inside might come as something of a surprise. After all, this paper has both scale-out storage and Intel® Architecture (IA) in its title. Really? To most people, Intel Inside intuitively applies to the company’s processors being found inside computing devices such as laptops and servers. When the word storage is uttered, the minds of few people—even people in IT—leap immediately to think of Intel. However, that is something that Intel looks to be about to change, not only because Intel is a pragmatic and aggressive commercial organization, but also because the necessity for advanced, intelligent, and powerful computing in storage— especially today’s increasingly dominant scale-out storage approach— means that storage is becoming more processor dependent. Thus, IA has a key role and opportunity in the storage market. As storage infrastructures become more heavily based upon industry-standard X86 servers, so IA and storage become increasingly interlinked. Intel® Inside Scale-out Storage may not yet be a phrase that trips off the tongue. But, compelling reasons exist for users to be aware of the important relevance of processing in today’s increasingly complex storage world. Moreover, Intel wants to be seen as more than just a supporting cast member in the storage world; it wants to create the same sort of integrated value that it has achieved with its other, more traditional processing platforms.