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Intel® Home & Small Business Storage Developer Resources

Storage Developer Resources

Home & Small Business Storage Developer Resources

Intel® architecture helps you cost effectively deliver feature-rich storage systems for both the home and small office—with leading MIPs-per-watt silicon innovation, performance, and platform scalability.

  • Fast Time-to-Market: Storage features are integrated into the platform, reducing development time.
  • Innovative Silicon: Intel® processors are available with the right balance of performance and energy efficiency to power an entire product portfolio.
  • Healthy Ecosystem: Developers can enhance solutions and accelerate time-to-market with access to a number of software applications, tools, and operating systems that have been designed and validated for Intel architecture.
Scalable Platforms

Scalable Platforms

One platform has the flexibility to run both Microsoft* and Linux* operating systems. Pin compatibility in single and dual-core processors offers varying levels of performance options for multiple market segments and applications.

Optimized for Storage

Intel processors provide a breakthrough solution for home, small office/home office (SOHO), and small-to-medium business (SMB) applications, enabling development on a single platform to meet the desired price, feature, and performance vectors.

Intel® NAS Performance Toolkit

NAS Performance Toolkit


NAS Performance Toolkit