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Silicon Technology from Intel



Moving microprocessor technology forward

Following Moore’s Law, Intel continues to introduce new and innovative process technologies, which deliver incredible leaps in performance and new levels of energy efficiency, all while enabling richer end-user applications.

Silicon research

Intel Fellow Tahir Ghanihow shows how Intel has delivered on the promise of Moore’s Law, and how Intel is meeting today’s development challenges through an innovative and dedicated approach to Nano-CMOS Transistor Scaling.

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Silicon processes

Intel began revenue production of 32nm products in Q4’09. Intel has also developed an advanced 22nm logic technology, and it is the first to demonstrate working 22nm circuits.

Next-gen manufacturing technology

To develop the first-ever 22nm microprocessors, Intel has built an entirely new development fab in addition to upgrading four existing fabs. Intel will again advance its manufacturing processes by building a 14nm manufacturing plant in Chandler, Arizona, USA. The plant will be one of the world’s most advanced microchip production facilities and is expected to begin production in 2013.